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Complicating Colonialism

When we talk about migration, about identity, about inequality, about race, about social hierarchy, about language politics, about ethnic strife, about Big Tech, or about the climate crisis, we're also talking about colonialism. We're talking about the exercise of power and control. And we're talking about the relationship between colonizer and colonized, between those who attempt to subjugate and those who resist subjugation. This series, produced in collaboration with Stranger’s Guide magazine, explores how unfinished conversations of the past play out in our daily lives and shape our collective future.


Authoritarian Tech

In the right hands, technology can liberate societies. In the wrong hands, it can oppress them. People in power around the world are learning to use artificial intelligence, algorithms, social media and surveillance systems to their advantage, and it’s resulting in injustice and inequality. The far-reaching implications of these tools is one of the most pressing stories in the world right now — and will continue to be for a long time.

Rising above the noise

Information pollution amplifies humanity’s every crisis and stands in the way of every solution. Here are three new strategies we plan to implement at Coda to break through the noise.

Putin’s Oligarchs: A year in the sanctioned lives of Russia’s richest men

Stunned by sanctions, Russia’s wealthiest families take drastic steps to survive

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