Coda video series


Online learning in Covid-19 means kids are surveilled more than ever

Surveillance of kids has skyrocketed. We take a look at the privacy implications of tracking technologies. If you’re a parent watching this and have privacy concerns, here are some tips on how to protect your data.


Covid-19 is changing the way the world treats asylum seekers

Around the world, politicians are using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to intensify anti-immigrant policies and blaming refugees, migrants and asylum seekers for the spread of coronavirus. There is a history behind this. And a context. We explain it. Here’s a deeper look at how politicians around the world are intensifying anti-migrant rhetoric during


On Sale in London: the Surveillance Systems Advancing Authoritarianism

Each year, 500 tech companies come to London to exhibit at a security fair called IFSEC. Some of them have deep ties to authoritarian practices.


Recruited Into China’s Police State

A young Uyghur woman tells the story of growing up with her brother, who is drafted into the police force in Xinjiang, China.


A Woman’s Life Inside China’s Digital Gulag

Gulbahar Jalilova, a citizen of Kazakhstan, spent fifteen months in one of China’s concentration camps for ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. She tells the story of life in Chinese detention and the women she met there.


Surveillance. Privacy. Information. Control.

Surveillance, privacy, information, control: Coda Story’s new coverage topic provides global reporting on how governments abuse the power and potential of emerging technologies such as AI, facial recognition, digital tracking, and social media and will explore how these technologies are strengthening autocratic regimes and stifling dissent.