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Coda Media is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to character-driven storytelling on the roots of major global crises. The expanding geography of authoritarianism is at the intersection of all our journalistic concerns. We report on the abuse of new technologies, the manipulation of scientific facts, the rise of oligarchy, the dangers of transnational repression, and the weaponization of historical narratives to serve political agendas. In each story, we strive to show our readers why all of this matters and where it may take us next.

You can find our stories on this website, on editorial partner websites, in our newsletters, and in our podcasts. Our editorial team is single-minded in identifying undercovered storylines that are poised to most impact the world.

Our name comes from the Latin word cauda, which means “tail.” A coda is a distinctive movement at the end of a musical composition that helps define and make meaning of the entire work. We seek to do the same with our stories.

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We work to tell you stories you have never heard before and show you connections between them you never knew existed

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We are supported by foundation grants and private donations. We also work with a broad network of partners. Coda is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News and the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

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Authoritarians muddy the public conversation. We clarify it with journalism. 

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