Write for us

We are looking for unique, character-driven stories on how authoritarians abuse new technologies, manipulate scientific facts and weaponize historical narratives to serve their political agendas. We like to surprise our readers and make them think. We want pieces that stand out from the noise and add value to the public discourse. We are after on-the-ground reporting that connects the dots and shows how crises that Coda covers affect the lives of real people. Of course we want to know the who, what, where, and when, but we are most interested in the “why” and “how.”

We are not interested in breaking news, opinion or pure analysis.

Your pitch should be brief (no more than 300 words) and it should clearly articulate the following points:

  • What is the story
  • Why it matters
  • Who are your main characters and what access do you have to them
  • How it fits into one of Coda’s channels
  • How it connects to broader global themes that drive our coverage
  • A draft headline and dek
  • Ideas for visual elements (such as photos, illustration or video) to support your reporting

Send pitches to [email protected]