Some stories need to be heard. Coda produces podcasts and other audio projects that explore the forces shaping our world today, from the abuse of new technologies to the weaponization of historical narratives. Our journalism gives context to these crises and illuminates the ways in which they are interconnected.

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Undercurrents: Tech, Tyrants and Us

Technology is reshaping the age-old struggle for democracy, but is it more useful to dictators or the people trying to take them down? In this eight-episode series for Audible, which was longlisted for the Podcast and Radio Award from One World Media, Coda’s journalists around the world bring you stories of people whose lives were turned upside down when digital technology collided with the tyrants.

Infamous International podcast

Infamous International: The Pink Panthers Story

The Pink Panthers are the world’s most notorious jewel thieves, a shadowy Serbian crime syndicate who specialize in elaborate smash-and-grab heists that take only minutes, but net millions. They strike ultra-exclusive jewelry stores in places like Dubai, London and Monaco, using brute force and cinematic flair that make headlines and “most wanted” lists.

This nine-episode podcast was created by Exactly Right in association with Coda Story and produced by Best Case Studios.

Russia's new scapegoats

Russia’s new scapegoats

A Russian journalist is murdered in St. Petersburg – not for what he’s reported, but for being gay. This podcast, which won the duPont-Columbia University Award, exposes what it’s like to be gay today in Russia, where hateful rhetoric against the LGBT community appears on a daily basis on TV and in speeches by politicians.

Reveal teamed up with Coda Story to trace the roots of the anti-gay movement and shows how President Vladimir Putin uses this agenda to quash political dissent, exert influence on neighboring nations and bash the West.

‘To shoot and fight for my home’

The war in Ukraine is not new. Ukrainians have been living through “the long war” of a threatened – and brutally real – Russian invasion for decades.

This podcast episode from Reveal in partnership with Coda Story puts a spotlight on voices from the front lines in Ukraine, where the Russian invasion has forced millions to flee.

The rise of the new German right

In September 2017, Germans headed to the polls to vote for a new government in an election that felt strangely familiar. For decades, Germany’s elections had been subdued and predictable, but that campaign cycle saw the rise of fake news, hate groups and right-wing politicians with a nationalist agenda. There also were allegations of Russian meddling.

In the lead-up to the election, Reveal teamed up with Coda Story to look at the rise of right-wing populism.

Trump’s global echoes

The United States has traditionally been a leader of democracy internationally, taking a big role in establishing institutions such as the United Nations. But President Donald Trump’s “America First” priorities left a leadership vacuum in these important organizations.

This podcast episode from Reveal in partnership with Coda Story explored how Trump’s style of governing echoed on the global stage.

The Box of All-Mighty Power

From the early 1990s to the late 2010s, the TV became the main mouthpiece for state propaganda in Russia. This Russian-language narrative podcast explains the history of how this came to be.

The Day After Tomorrow

This Russian-language podcast from the Coda.ru project speaks with journalists, activists and philosophers about how the world is changing after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what might happen next.