We are working to reimagine journalism in the age of artificial intelligence. The digital technologies that made our lives so much more convenient have also created an overwhelming amount of noise. Today, essential, quality journalism is drowning in the noise of our digital platforms. This is why we are focusing on events and real-life interaction with our audiences as a way to champion contextual narratives and empower critical debate. 

For Coda, live and online events are an important platform for our journalism and that of our partners. It’s a way to connect local and global, build multi-disciplinary collaborations, provide context and build meaningful relationships with our audience. 

Our flagship event is ZEG Storytelling Festival, which brings together people of different backgrounds to inspire creative thinking, challenge beliefs and exchange stories that matter. But we are also working on refining and re-defining the concept of live journalism, an immersive format which makes the journalistic process accessible and brings audiences face to face with characters in a story. 

If you are interested in collaborating on an event, please email us at [email protected]