Coda Story Hires Aman Sethi to Lead Journalism Innovation and Growth

May 24, 2021 — Aman Sethi has joined Coda Media as Director of Editorial Product. In this role, Aman will work with company co-founders Natalia Antelava and Ilan Greenberg to champion Coda’s editorial mission by growing the reach and impact of Coda’s global newsroom of reporters, editors, multimedia producers, and videographers. Aman will lead the nonprofit newsroom’s editorial product initiatives and their market opportunities, including audience and revenue, and will help oversee the continuing growth of Coda’s reach and impact.

Aman was previously the Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost India. During his tenure, HuffPost India published investigations on state surveillance, dark money in elections, state-sanctioned torture of minors, and #MeToo allegations against Bollywood’s biggest names.

Prior to his stint at HuffPost India, Aman worked with some of India’s largest and best known media organisations including the Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and Business Standard. His work has been published in international publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Foreign Policy and Granta.

Luminate, founded by the Omidyar Group, provided Coda with funding support to establish a business development unit and recruit an additional senior resource to help expand its reach, grow its audiences and create new partnerships. Established in 2018, Luminate is a global philanthropic organization with the goal of empowering people and institutions to work together to build just and fair societies. “Luminate’s belief in Coda’s ability to effect change through impactful journalism has been an essential force multiplier behind our nonprofit newsroom,” said Natalia Antelava, Coda Editor-in-Chief.

An award-winning journalist, Aman’s reportage has examined pressing issues of our time such as the global pandemic, India’s Maoist insurgency, Europe’s migrant crisis and land-grab in Africa. Aman’s work spans politics, technology, migration, labour, and the rural economy. Aman is also the author of the critically acclaimed non-fiction work, A Free Man.

Aman will continue to be based in New Delhi, India.

“We have already seen success in taking our nonprofit newsroom dedicated to global storylines to multiple platforms and formats,’’ said Coda Publisher and Editorial Director Ilan Greenberg. “Now, we are going to build on our capacity for exciting, meaningful and durable storytelling.”

“With Aman’s track record of newsroom leadership and innovation, he is the ideal person for this position. We are thrilled that he has joined us at this important moment,” said Natalia Antelava.

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