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LGBTQ Crisis

Law Banning the ‘Exploitation of Interest in Sex’ in Advertisement Introduced in Russian Duma

The proposed bill would ban advertisers from “exploiting” interest in sex or sexual functions. Oleg Mikheev, a Duma Deputy from the A Just Russia Party, introduced the bill and commented that exploiting sex “deteriorates morals.” He charged advertisement for products such as perfume, chewing gum, and cars with using stimulating images of woman.

“Thanks to advertising, these products today are almost considered sexual stimulants, which of course, they are not,” Mikheev said.

Mikheev said this kind of advertisement targets men and makes victims out of “our valuеd women.” He also expressed concern over road safety due to overtly sexual billboards.

The law would introduce a new set of restrictions to Russia’s current law on advertisement though these amendments are not specified in the proposal.

Read the full text of the bill (in Russian) here.