News Brief

Russian Media Suggests Jo Cox’s Death A Conspiracy, Compare to Nemtsov’s Murder

Channel 1 implied that Jo Cox’s murder was organized in time for the Brexit vote to sway public opinion in favor of “Remain.” “Any unexpected incident could affect the vote,” begins the TV report. John Laughland, the director of a Paris-based think tank with alleged ties to Russian money, was a guest on the program and pointed out the alleged hypocrisy of the British press not raising the same accusations against the British government that were raised against the Kremlin after Boris Nemtsov’s murder in February 2015. Laughland is a frequent guest on Russian television channels including RT.The TV report explained the trouble Cameron and the Conservative Party faced ahead of the referendum. “On a subconscious level, a scheme was imposed on the British people,” said the program’s voice over. “You support leaving the EU, then you support the killing of a kind woman, a mother of two kids. And it works. Brexit supporters are now loosing votes. Cameron is gaining votes.”Another guest, former Italian politician Giulietto Chiesa, spoke about pressure Cameron faced from President Obama and Wall Street. Chiesa is an active supporter of the “9/11 Truth Movement” and likened Cox’s murder to the September 11, 2001 attacks, also a conspiracy in his opinion. “Those who want to stay in power are prepared to do anything,” Chiesa said. “One victim means nothing to them.”The program ended with video footage of British Parliament and a voice-over that said, “This isn’t conspirology, just the constitution of facts.”

Watch the television report from Channel 1 (in Russian) here.