News Brief

Russian MPs Accuse Fifa Video Game of ‘Homosexual Propaganda’

Members of the Duma, the Russian Parliament, believe that a Fifa video game violates the country’s “gay propaganda” law. MPs from the Communist Party, with support from the ruling United Russia party, requested that the state regulatory agency investigate the soccer video game which allows gamers to pick rainbow-colored uniforms and cleat laces for their players as part of a UK-based campaign for LGBTQ rights.

The British gay rights group Stonewall organized the campaign to raise awareness of the prevalence of homophobic language used by soccer fans during matches.

MPs argue that under Russian law the game could be banned and that authorities need to verify if the game can be legally distributed in the country. “Every state has its internal laws and order; they need to be obeyed,” said MP Irina Rodnina about the complaint sent to the regulatory agency.

Another MP from the Communist Party said that the game’s developer, EA Canada should be ordered by Russian authorities to redesign the programming code to accommodate Russian anti-gay legislation, reported the Russian daily newspaper Izvestia.