We’ve watched QAnon disrupt political life. This story shows another side: how the QAnon conspiracy theory has entered the private lives of Americans. We’ve spoken to husbands, wives and partners about what it’s like to watch a loved one turn to Q. Told on condition of anonymity, each person shares their own story about “losing” a partner to a conspiracy theory that orbits around former President Donald Trump.

There’s no single narrative for why QAnon has made such deep inroads into American life, with recent polls showing that the conspiracy cult is now as popular as some major religions in the U.S. Emerging from the bowels of the internet, the ever-evolving theory claims that a cabal of pedophiles controls the U.S. government and that Trump is uniquely equipped to save the state from their clutches.

In collaboration with Newsy, Coda brings you stories of couples in Utah, Colorado and Ohio whose lives and homes have been torn apart by QAnon.