A Ukrainian Love Story

How love turned this Nazi into a women’s rights activist

  • Director, Director of Photography by Ross Domoney
  • Director by Julia Kochetova-Nobozhniak
  • Producer by Thomas Burns
  • Executive Producer by Natalia Antelava
  • Graphics & Titles by George Surguladze
  • Research by Olga Shevchenko
  • Music by Epidemic Sound

As war rages in eastern Ukraine, the country fights to reinvent itself after breaking ties with neighboring Russia.

Dima and Tanya are an unlikely couple in modern-day Kiev: Dima was formerly a leader of the city’s most powerful ultra-right movement, and Tanya is an ultra-left activist and self-proclaimed anarcho-feminist.

Together Dima and Tanya fight their own battles to reinvent themselves against a backdrop of violence, loss, and instability in post-Maidan Ukraine.

Hunted by members of Ukraine’s ultra-right movement and ostracized by friends and family, the couple fights the momentum of their pasts while standing together, back to back, in a courageous tale of love and self-discovery.

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