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The anti-World Health Organization myth that won’t disappear

Politicians from Brazil to Russia have told the same story about sex education curriculums in places like the European Union teaching kids to masturbate. Here’s why this disinformation campaign has stuck around.


Reproductive rights in the age of Covid-19

All over the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has been used as a cover to deny women’s reproductive rights. We take a look at how coronavirus restrictions have been used as justification to limit access to abortion.


Pro-Kremlin media stirs up homophobia to keep Putin in power

An ad published by pro-Kremlin media is stirring up homophobia in an effort to pass constitutional reforms that would keep Putin in power. The video is going viral in Russia, and it’s being used to drive conservative voters to the polls to vote on constitutional referendums, including one that defines marriage as a union between


Renewal and nostalgia tango at the EU-Russia border

A decommissioned Soviet factory in the Estonian border town of Narva is the center of a struggle for a community’s sense of identity between the older generations nostalgic for life in the town during Soviet Union and younger generations seeking a more modernized future.


Meet the celebrities pushing 5G coronavirus conspiracies to millions of fans

Influential celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, M.I.A. and John Cusack are responsible for spreading coronavirus conspiracy theories far and wide.


Facebook responds to pressure to combat Covid-19 disinfo by removing News Front accounts

Facebook is responding to pressure to combat Covid-19 disinfo and removing dozens of accounts. Among them are accounts belonging to News Front, a pro-Kremlin site operating out of Russian-occupied Crimea and a major force behind disinfo in Europe. We take a look at News Front and it’s founder Konstantin Knryik.


Ukraine’s War of Words and Viral Videos

Television and social media have become potent weapons on both sides of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


Where Putin Wants You To Pray In Paris

French security objected to the construction of a Russian Orthodox cathedral in central Paris because of the potential for espionage. However, Russia pursued its construction through diplomacy and lobbying at the highest levels.


In Putin’s Russia, Ivan the Terrible Becomes Ivan the Terrific

For centuries Russian schoolchildren have learned how terrible Ivan the Terrible was, but now, the narrative is changing.


Weaponizing History: World War II Memorial Attackers Aim To Divide Poland and Ukraine

Weaponizing history: Poland and Ukraine claim that Moscow is using their fraught wartime history to stir up suspicions between the two allies.


The Czech Republic’s Phantom Muslim Menace

How can Islamophobia be mainstream in the Czech Republic when most of its citizens have never even met a Muslim?


Confessions of a (Former) State TV Reporter

Have you ever wondered why Russian journalists go along with the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns? A former RIA Novosti reporter explains why Russian journalists opt for compromise over objectivity.


Look who’s helping Russia push its narrative about the war in Syria

Who are the Swedish doctors that Russian media is using to drum up support for war in Syria?


Censorship in Belarus

Belarus may lose its only TV channel that dares to criticize its dictator. And that could be bad news for Lukashenko himself.


Brothers in Arms

Meet the Russian ultranationalists confronting heir own government on the battlefields of Ukraine.


Meet the Russian neo-Nazis fighting for Ukraine

A Russian neo-Nazi is fighting for Ukraine against other Russian neo-Nazis supporting pro-Russian rebels. Why? The answer has a lot to do with the contested meaning of Russian nationalism.


How Russia Weaponized Primetime

The Kremlin has found the perfect vehicle to spread its message: drama and comedy hits on its own TV channels.


Putin Pop

True or false? Vladimir Putin-inspired songs are the worst thing Russia’s president has done to Russia.


North Korea? Think ‘fashion boom’ – not nuclear bombs.

North Korea is the new Fashion hotspot, says Russian TV.


1917: If the Russian Revolution had failed, what would your country be like today?

Coda Network asked people in the streets of 5 former-Soviet capitals: If the Russian Revolution had failed, what would your country be like today? In collaboration with — “Українська правда”, Kloop, Hetq, Спектр – журналистика без границ и цензуры


Was the revolution ultimately good or bad for your country?

Coda Network asked people in the streets of 5 former-Soviet capitals: Was the revolution ultimately good or bad for your country? In collaboration with — “Українська правда”, Kloop, Hetq, Спектр – журналистика без границ и цензуры.


1917: Who benefited from the Revolution and who lost out?

Coda Network asks people in the streets of 5 former-Soviet capitals: Who benefited from the Revolution and who lost out? In collaboration with — “Українська правда”, Kloop, Hetq, Спектр – журналистика без границ и цензуры


What is the Eurasian Union?

It’s the world’s largest trading union by area, but economically the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union is still a minnow. Still, the Kremlin hasn’t give up hope that its new bloc will one day rival the European Union and the wider West.


How Two Russian Grandmothers Became An Internet Sensation

When cadets at an aviation academy recorded themselves dancing to Italian DJ Benny Benassi’s pop sensation “Satisfaction,” the authorities accused them of immorality and threatened them with expulsion. But it only provoked the kind of viral protest the government hates: dozens of Russians, among them Natalia and Ksenia, recorded their own videos in support. And


Soviet Monuments in Poland

Why is Russia accusing Poland of monumental ingratitude over its attitude towards the Soviet Red Army?


Could The Kremlin Get An Award For Election Meddling?

There’s a surprise entrant among the thousands competing for America’s premier Internet awards this year: Russia and the campaign it denies being involved in to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections.


One Man’s Struggle For Russia’s Soviet Memory

The Kremlin refuses to remember Soviet POWs. A Russian architect refused to forget.


Meet the Kremlin’s Keyboard Warrior in Crimea

He helped Russia annex his native Crimea, now Konstantin Knyrik has become a general in the Kremlin’s propaganda war.


A Father’s Fight for Justice Four Years on From MH17

Hans de Borst lost his only daughter when Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian missile over eastern Ukraine on 17 July, 2014. Russia has denied involvement and refused to cooperate with the Dutch-led international investigation, while putting out a stream of disinformation and conspiracy theories. De Borst helped install this memorial


Dissecting the Trump-Russia Dossier

President Donald Trump calls it the “Fake Dirty Dossier,” holding it up as evidence of a “deep state” sowing disinformation to discredit him and de-legitimize his victory over Hillary Clinton. Steele claims the 17 memos that make up the dossier are “70 to 90 per cent true.” Watch, and decide for yourself.


The Unwanted History of a Russian Base

The deaths of 9,000 Soviet POWs in a former Nazi concentration camp don’t fit the narrative of Russia today.


Cambridge Analytica 2.0

With the midterms approaching, a former Cambridge Analytica insider says U.S. voters need to be aware how they are being micro-targeted all over again.


Dana Rohrabacher Defends Himself — and Putin — in Battle to Keep His House Seat

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher went from fighting with the mujahideen in Afghanistan to the fight of his career for his House seat in this November’s election as Putin’s biggest defender.