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LGBTQ Crisis

Moscow Police Fail to Respond to Call After a Handicapped Man Was Attacked at a Gay Club

A patron at Moscow’s gay club Secret was attacked by a bouncer inside the club. He was first nearly denied entry at the club and was told to leave his wheelchair outside. Then after the man’s friend carried him inside, another guard, yelling “handicapped people are parasites,” punched the 23-year-old. The man, Dmitry Zhdanov, called the police and waited for 40 minutes without the police arriving according to a Facebook post that included photos of his injuries.

Moscovsky Komsomolets also reported the incident. The story omitted information about the police failing to respond to the incident but included unusual personal details about Zhdanov, such as that he was born in prison to an inmate serving a sentence for murder and was born also with a mental disability.

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