What to do about Stalin?

  • Text by
  • Reporting & Executive Producer by Natalia Antelava
  • Producing & Editing by Sophiko Vasadze
  • Cinematography by Kakha Mshvidobadze
  • Graphics & Color Correction by Noe Tsanava
  • Music by Zviad Mgebrishvili & Luka Lebanidze

Joseph Stalin is back in vogue. Across the post-Soviet space it’s almost as fashionable to mourn him as it is to loath him. Fueled by the Kremlin’s drive to rewrite history and the surprising endurance of Soviet nostalgia, Stalin is suddenly at the very center of the struggle for national identity across the post-Soviet bloc. And nowhere does the narrative surrounding his legacy play out more publicly than in the tyrant’s native country Georgia, where pro-European and pro-Russian groups battle for control over the country’s future. Against a backdrop of weaponized disinformation and political unrest, this film tracks the debate over what to do with the legacy of Georgia’s most infamous son.

Sophiko Vasadze

Award-winning video producer Sophiko Vasadze has worked with Coda Story since 2015. In addition to her work at Coda, she's a senior lecturer at the University of Georgia where she teaches multimedia journalism.

Life before Coda: eight years of production experience at the Georgian Public Broadcaster and three years experience anchoring the news at Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. She won the EU Prize for Journalism in 2016 and has been shortlisted for several other awards.

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